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L'Oreal Fashion Week
Fall 2007 Collections

Kick Off Show

Jason Meyers

MONDAY, March 12

Philip Sparks Menswear
Hustle with Bustle Pantages Uniforms
Boutique Le Trou Photo Party @Cheval
Amie Scott Fashions

TUESDAY, March 13

Holt Renfrew Media Cocktail
Boutique Le Trou: A Retail Piece
Don't Tell My Booker Opening Night Party


Tevrow & Chase
Arthur Mendonca
Fashion Nation
Hanes Brands Inc.
Lucien Matis
Andy The-Anh
David Dixon
Zoran Dobric

THURSDAY, March 15

Andrew Majtenyi
Fashion Psychology
Pat McDonagh
Izzy Camilleri
Joeffer Caoc
Pink Tartan

Off the Beat 'n Path feat. Common Cloth, Namoda et al. @ Ukula

Fashion Rocks feat. Dollhouse, FutureState et al. @ Phoenix

FRIDAY, March 16

Thien Le
Kavi Kavi
Saniya Khan
Joe Fresh Style
Greta Constantine

SD+R Show and Afterparty

SATURDAY, March 17

Holt Renfrew Meet the Designers


Sonja Snoops 5-Day Fashion Week Diary

Day 4: Izzy, Pat and Ukula

Arrggg, feel like I have spent the previous day at Wimbledon watching non-stop tennis - my neck is totally sore. Forgot how the left to right ping ponging of the neck at fashion week is a pain. I'm not sure how it compares to the pain coming from my balls; the balls of my feet from running around in high heels all day and all night. But I will push through the pain, as there are two more days of shows and parties to attend. I can’t look the fashion weakling!

I need to wear flat shoes and perhaps a neck brace. I settle on a ‘hip’ Diane Keaton look to get me through the day. Black and white print tennis shoes, tuxedo trousers, black Jesire jacket, black fedora and my gold chain necklace that everyone loved yesterday and wants! (sorry gals and guys it is one-of-kind!)

I feel elated after last night’s Maro party – got the buzz for the biz. I call my assistant Melissa and check she is on schedule to meet me at Liberty Grand for my first show of the day: Fashion Psychology.


Drag Queens vs Goths – Who wins?

If there was a fashion war between the Queens and the Goths who do you think would win? In my book it is the Goths. (Hey, if you have other theories get them to me in ink pronto). This show is a mish-mash of the war between eternal enemies. Have you ever seen the two groups hang out publicly? And that is what confuses me about Fashion Psychology’s show. What I don’t get are the ass chaps, the big fur hats, the bright lacing on the corsets [which FP is known for, but that is no excuse for tattiness] and dresses only Liz Hurley would still wear. On the dark side or the good side are the cool goth sensibilities I see in the rest of the collection. I love the black skinny trousers and mid-length skirt with the unique sort of train tracks of runched fabric. The off the shoulder black dress that hangs down like a fold-a-way bat wing. I would have loved to have seen more of that esthetic and more consistency from FP.


Fashion Assistant Envy

This is my assistant Melissa’s first show of the day also. I thought after her hard work yesterday she deserved to see some shows today. Not sure FP was the best one to start her off with, but Pat McDonagh is up next.

First though, there is a small drama at the media tent entrance when Melissa can't get in without a pass (read about it in her blog). I get Melissa to sort it out immediately. Inside the media tent my fashion blogger and writer colleagues are having fashion assistant envy. They realize Melissa has gone off on a mission for me… and they're say things like, 'what if she doesn’t come back?!' I tell them I have the utmost confidence in my assistant and she will be back. Not a few minutes later Melissa is back, mission accomplished. My contemporaries stare at her in awe! I ask Melissa to find out what time food is being served. She dashes away to find out and again people wonder at how I can ask her to do such things. “She needs to do mundane things – she is an assistant, gives her something to blog about,” I say. Melissa is back in a blink of an eye. “Dinner will be served at 6:30 p.m.” I just love this gal. Everyone wants my fashion assistant. 'Go on have your own contest', I tell them – 'you are not getting this one, she’s mine!'


Pat’s Penguin Army

Melissa the assistant and I score good seats for Pat’s show. I am chatting with Dale from Elad; pointing out our star writer in the front row just as she knocks back a mini bottle of gin from the show gift bag...oh dear what timing. The woman from Elle Germany next to us looks uncomfortable. Another fashion moment, maybe not magic, but pretty funny. Hell, we are Torontostreetfashion, we are suppose to be a bit on the ruff side.

I inform Melissa that she is about to see something special. Pat McDonagh is like Canadian fashion royalty. This show also marks her 40th anniversary as a designer. It starts real cute with two models wearing penguin masks to set the tone. Pat has a great sense of humour. Two more models appear wearing evening dresses in stark penguin black and white, accented with a French maid feel [did you see that Jason!]. Followed by more stunning gowns. The show shifts into part two; with fur outerwear and adorable cocktail dresses with fur trim. Part three; lovely layered dresses in shades of icy iceberg blue. I am sensing a global warming theme here, anyone else? I admire Pat’s attitude as a designer to make her fashion political; provoke the fashion community to think about the environment and natural resources. Well done lady!
P.S. – notice Pat is doing her models in the black bob wig also: I am an icon! Just joking – getting delusional at fashion week.


80s Glossy Fix

Being a die-in-my-leather rock’n roll gal, I am frightfully excited about Izzy Camilleri. I take my time going into the show. There are just too many people trying to get in. I wait, take the side door right at the last minute and just grab a seat. I can’t even tell you how good all the clothes look. Styling perfection: the clothes, hair and makeup look fantastic. It is an 80’s glossy onslaught of patent leather, mink fur, silk chiffon and black sequins. Excellent use of design and fabric pairings; I love all the black bombers and trench coats. The ultra sophisticated party dresses covered in black sequins, trimmed with neck choking patent leather look fierce. The runway is dominated by talent, by Izzy’s signature. I would personally like to get the whole catalogue of this show – on my back!


To the land of Ukula

Again, I decide to send my assistant home for the night. Rachel said I shouldn’t have, but I don’t want Melissa to get worn out, tomorrow is the finale. We have a long day and night planned for her – she doesn’t know about it yet. I snag a lift to College St. for the Ukula party and fashion show. Ukula is known for their street savvy attitude and in-house stock of sexy, young Canadian fashion talent. Apparently they also serve the best coffee in the area. I have been looking forward to their party all week.

On the bill at Ukula is: Label [Shawan Robinson and Natalie Synoruk], Namoda [Monica Sosinski], Marcus Tripp, Gems + Junk [Scott Waring], and Common Cloth [Kristina Bozzo and Melanie Talbot]. I can’t tell you how packed it is at this party. They are at full capacity and not letting anyone else in. Unless you are Andrew Sardone for NOW mag or my sister pretending to be media!

The show starts with male and female lean leggy models wearing suspenders, high-waisted trousers, tight tube dresses, graphic t-shirts as mini dresses and fur accessories piled on the head. Love the fashion & music vibe; belting out in the background is tunes by Sonic Youth, Interpol, Ramones and The Clash. It’s fantastic fun – I love fashion week off-site shows! They always have the best energy and are more intimate. So intimate I am shooting my camera up some model’s nostril. (see my photos here)

If I had to play favorites [what, me?!] I would say that my faves tonight included Gems + Junks t-shirts by Scott Waring [such a nice young man] and everything from Common Cloth [must put in order for black trench with silver trim]. After the show, I was impressed by Marcus Tripp talking about his late night ordeal getting his collection together in time – he thought the show was a different night. I did love how the male models looked piled in his fur concoctions.

Party number two is not what I am hoping for and I am not even there yet. I get a text message from someone already there and apparently the party is just not happening. They unflatteringly compare it to a second rate hair show. Red alert – I need a new fashion party destination quick. I remember that the Joeffer Caoc after show party is being held at the Drake. I arrive just in time to see a very well known PR gal laughing and stumbling out of the Drake…so the Joeffer party must be good if it can do that to her. But my hope is short lived as it doesn’t really appear to be swinging…maybe I am too late. With resignation I head upstairs to the Drake outdoor patio to reflect on my day under the stars. The curtain which ends all days is now hitting the floor. My head is not far behind, but I hope it lands on a pillow. Good night, sweet night.

Sonja Andic

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