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L'Oreal Fashion Week
Fall 2007 Collections

Kick Off Show

Jason Meyers

MONDAY, March 12

Philip Sparks Menswear
Hustle with Bustle Pantages Uniforms
Boutique Le Trou Photo Party @Cheval
Amie Scott Fashions

TUESDAY, March 13

Holt Renfrew Media Cocktail
Boutique Le Trou: A Retail Piece
Don't Tell My Booker Opening Night Party


Tevrow & Chase
Arthur Mendonca
Fashion Nation
Hanes Brands Inc.
Lucien Matis
Andy The-Anh
David Dixon
Zoran Dobric

THURSDAY, March 15

Andrew Majtenyi
Fashion Psychology
Pat McDonagh
Izzy Camilleri
Joeffer Caoc
Pink Tartan

Off the Beat 'n Path feat. Common Cloth, Namoda et al. @ Ukula

Fashion Rocks feat. Dollhouse, FutureState et al. @ Phoenix

FRIDAY, March 16

Thien Le
Kavi Kavi
Saniya Khan
Joe Fresh Style
Greta Constantine

SD+R Show and Afterparty

SATURDAY, March 17

Holt Renfrew Meet the Designers


Sonja Snoops 5-Day Fashion Week Diary

Day 3: The Assistant, Andy and David, & Limelight @ Maro

Today is a very special day. The Devil Wears – Fashion Assistant Challenge contest winner Melissa Kavalench starts her first of three days assisting me. You can read all about her experiences right here on the site.


Aide de Fashion Camp

Melissa won the honour of being my fashion week assistant by submitting a hilarious written statement on why she would make a good fashion lackey. Her reward; at the end of each backbreaking day following me around, I expect her to go home and write up her experiences. I will be meeting Melissa in the flesh for the first time today and am terribly curious how this funny gal will shape up as an aide de fashion camp. Pray she is fast; I require my assistant to be quick when I ask her to do something.

The Outfit
If only I could be faster at getting dressed today. Why don’t I plan these fashion outfits weeks in advance I’ll never know. I have good intentions the week before, but promise myself everything will be fine. Ha ha! Today’s outfit is a no-name black tube dress with a bit of a bubble at the bottom, a cropped Laura Ashley short sleeve jacket, a black cloth headband, and silver Donna Karan tights with black suede high heel ankle boots. Oh, and the accessory of fashion week – my big thick gold chain necklace from Boutique Le Trou. Perfectly, Parisian chic.

I arrive at Liberty Grand excited about seeing what my assistant will be wearing. She did call me earlier sounding a bit worried….it is her first fashion week so she has no idea. We finally meet and Melissa is a sweet looking gal: blonde hair, fresh faced and wearing basic safe black with a pretty green stone necklace. I like her immediately! I whisk her off to the media tent to show her where I will be spending the majority of my time between shows and tell her not to get too comfortable, but she can have some water. I then tour her at lightning speed around Liberty Grand for her to get the lay of the land. Sensing she is overwhelmed, I plop Melissa down with the resident hair and makeup teams offering services, for her to have a wee bit of pampering while I run off to see the Andy The-Anh show.

Speed Death Metal and Andy

As usual, there is seating mayhem for Andy’s show. Someone announces over a microphone, “Just take any seat you can find and sit down”. I go to grab a seat assigned for George Stroumboulopoulos, but I am pushed out of the way by a gal who looks nothing like a George. Huff, I didn’t want it anyways, pushy cow. OK, relax and watch the show. Ehmmm…I would if I could even see the show. It has started, but there is so much bloody fog on the runway that you can’t even see the models. It is frustrating and funny at the same time. Surely the ‘fog man’ is getting a beating backstage.

I am surprised by the music selection for Andy’s show, but hey I love speed death metal music. And so far I love what I am seeing on the catwalk now that the fog has lifted. Sexy black capes and skirts bejeweled with large square glass accents. Yeah, fur is back again for Fall 2007! Fur looks great on the runway – the way the light hits it, the way it moves. I love the lean mean sexy suits with the knife pleats. His palette is simple: black, charcoal, butterscotch and cream paraded out one colour group at a time. This collection wins me over with the cool detailing Andy puts into each garment; unique square trim, runching on pockets, interestingly placed straps with buttons, sporty details and small poufs of pleated fabric. The outfit I like the best is the charcoal pleated skirt with front detail [straps and buttons] paired with a wee little cropped jacket.

I leave the show feeling somehow naked. Where is my assistant?! Melissa must have radar, as I race back to the media tent she appears immediately sporting a new hairstyle. I can’t tell if she is pleased or not – but there is filming and interviews to be done. Must get this gal to work. Melissa goes off to assist Rachel recording street fashion details. I get a chance to relax and collect my thoughts in the media tent. Hard work watching fashion shows!


Where there’s fire, there’s Dixon

The 9 p.m. show is slotted for David Dixon. There is quite the buzz going on as the show is setting up outside in the quaint Liberty Grand court yard. It looks like it is going to be dramatic; ground crews are actually building a raging fire in the middle of the court. Chairs are being set up in a circle around the fire. Has Toronto embraced model sacrifice to attract the attention of the world press?

Rachel and I are busy filming a video clip for, therefore we don’t have time to grab seats. Those who have the privilege are treated to warm drinks and a complimentary Hudson Bay wool blanket. How nice for them. The show begins with some awesome gospel singing. I can’t really see a thing from the media room windows. Blast! I sneak upstairs to the V.I.P. area, where I have a perfect overhead view of the fire, the audience and the show. I am such a dunce – came upstairs for this exceptional view and forgot my camera. It looks super cool from up high - the light from the fire twinkles and sparks off the fabrics in Dixon’s collection. What pops the most is the startling brilliant blue velvet pieces. This collection is elegant, ladylike and very expensive looking. Be curious to hear what my cohort Liza has to say about it. David Dixon’s show is a refreshing change of venue; he did well to give us such a charming fashion memory.


Sonja does Blue Steel at Maro

The party for Wednesday night is at Maro nightclub. I am looking forward to running into all my fashion fiends, I mean friends. I have sent my assistant Melissa home to protect her innocence. This party will be over-the-top. I also don’t want to scare her with my wild party antics her first day on the job.

Maro fills up fast with the Toronto downtown fashion scene as fast as you can say ‘free drinks at the bar’! While I am touching up my makeup in the ladies room, I find fellow fiend Val Dooley hanging out with her mate, fashion writer Leanne Delap (photo below). We have a hilarious chat as per usual; Val is always the most fun person to have a go with at fashion week.

I meander my way backstage to where the fashion models are getting their line-up cues from show host Maha. Tonight’s show is going to see two Toronto vintage shops, 69 Vintage and The Paper Bag Princess, go head-to-head in a vintage clothing catwalk showdown. It is downtown v.s. uptown and it is going to be fierce! I best get myself upstairs and find a seat before the show begins.

Seeing an empty stool perfectly placed at the head of the runway…naturally I make a bee-line for it and plunk down. On the other side of the runway is stylist Jeff Kirkwood wearing a Team 69 Vintage t-shirt. He hollers over to me, “Are you the other judge”. That is when I realize this seat is for the other show judge who is no where in sight. Naturally, I nod yes. At this moment the gal who is suppose to be in my seat rushes over and tries to evict me. But it’s a bit too late, I tell her to take the night off – I am high jacking her judgeship. She shrugs off to the side and the show starts.

Wow, I can’t believe I have just done that, but I don’t have a minute to think about it, the models are striding down the runway, and Jeff and I are waving homemade signs that say things like, 'Dirty Dirty' and 'Looks like something your grandma would wear' to ignite the imagination of the crowd. Host Maha is dancing and flapping about on the stage to stimulate the audience. I love watching him work. Then it happens, Maha asks the audience – do they want to see the judges do a Zoolander style walk-off? My heart is beating so fast; shock, horror. This is one of those fashion moments that make the week. Jeff and I jump backstage and come out guns blazing in an aggressive walk-off that sees me practically pushing Jeff off the catwalk, so I can have the glory all to myself. I put on my blue steel face and stut my stuff the length of the runway, doing the classic model stomp to huge amounts of applause or is it laughter?! I get so excited I kiss a cute guy at the top of the catwalk, wave to the crowd and make my exit.

Yup, fashion week makes you do crazy things! I loved this party the best so far. The parties are what make fashion week!

See ya tomorrow! Night night.

Sonja Andic

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