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L'Oreal Fashion Week
Fall 2007 Collections

Kick Off Show

Jason Meyers

MONDAY, March 12

Philip Sparks Menswear
Hustle with Bustle Pantages Uniforms
Boutique Le Trou Photo Party @Cheval
Amie Scott Fashions

TUESDAY, March 13

Holt Renfrew Media Cocktail
Boutique Le Trou: A Retail Piece
Don't Tell My Booker Opening Night Party


Tevrow & Chase
Arthur Mendonca
Fashion Nation
Hanes Brands Inc.
Lucien Matis
Andy The-Anh
David Dixon
Zoran Dobric

THURSDAY, March 15

Andrew Majtenyi
Fashion Psychology
Pat McDonagh
Izzy Camilleri
Joeffer Caoc
Pink Tartan

Off the Beat 'n Path feat. Common Cloth, Namoda et al. @ Ukula

Fashion Rocks feat. Dollhouse, FutureState et al. @ Phoenix

FRIDAY, March 16

Thien Le
Kavi Kavi
Saniya Khan
Joe Fresh Style
Greta Constantine

SD+R Show and Afterparty

SATURDAY, March 17

Holt Renfrew Meet the Designers


Sonja Snoops 5-Day Fashion Week Diary

Day 1: Philip Sparks, Boutique Le Trou After Party

Fashion week has arrived to Toronto and as usual I am running late for the first show of the week. I need to leave my house in no less than 30 minutes and get down to the Dapper Debut show for designer Philip Sparks at Boutique Le Trou on Queen Street West. Oh fashion gods please help me now!

As I dash from my house, I hope no one sees me as I have a tofu hotdog dangling from my lips. Besides that, I look fabulous and am starting to get the fever that comes with the anticipation of fashion week.

I arrive at Boutique Le Trou just in time to have a chat with some fashion friends and a wee drink to fortify myself. I am amazed to see that Marlene Shiff, owner of Boutique Le Trou, has completely cleared out her shop to house Philip’s show. There is a catwalk down the entire centre of the boutique. Where did she put all her stock? I will have to offer up my closet the next time she needs some space.

I get down to the heavy business of getting the latest fashion gossip from the assembled crowd of photographers, fashion writers, bloggers and PR reps. One thing I have been hearing from fashion folks is – where is the buzz for fashion week this season? I want I got fashion blogger Anita tells me she doesn’t feel the energy of previous fashion seasons. She is not the first person to tell me this. What is going on? Are we suffering from fashion fatigue in Toronto? I approach Tommy Ton, blogger for some reassurance all is well. But he is suffering from jet lag...or is it fashion lag? Exhausted from his recent London and Paris escapades, he can barely reply to my query.


Dapper Newcomer Philip Sparks

As the handsome male models, courtesy of B&M, do their quirky, halting walk down the runway, I am amazed at Philip’s fine tailoring and how well his designs fit the male silhouette. And fine silhouettes they are which combines 1850s military with 1950s old-Hollywood elements! During the show I can feel the temperature rising; the room is so quite. I watch as the audience is riveted to the workmanship on display. PR gal Christine Faulhaber leans over to me and whispers, 'Who is Philip Sparks?' Ah, it's exciting when a new, young designer grabs attention like that….when everyone wants to know; who is that young man and where did he come from? I loved: black wool tuxedo jacket with tails, woven cableknit trench coat, and a sumptuous metallic lambskin jacket.

After the show everyone leaps out of their seats to congratulate Philip on his excellent collection. He looks so bright eyed with wonder and relief as he is besieged by photographers and camera crews. The women around me are all saying how they love his menswear and would wear it themselves. I totally agree. I would wear the metallic jacket in a heartbeat – it is super soft, amazing and totally expensive.

To see pictures from the event, go to

Photos: Sonja with Sarah Delaney & Gail McInnes |
Marlene Shiff, Boutique Le Trou with designer Erin Keatch

On to the Drake

Feeling light headed from the heat and realization that a tofu dog will not get me through the night, I head over to the Drake for some substantial food. Lucky for me I do, as I join Gail McInnes from B&M Models sitting with no-less than five of the hot male models from Philip’s show. I ask the guys how they liked wearing Philips’ clothes. The consensus is the garments are made well and suitable for the lean male model physic. Gail says she enjoys seeing a men’s collection with such style and feels that men’s fashions are finally progressing.

After our refreshment, Gail and I make our way along Queen Street West and bump into Kealan Sullivan hanging outside her store 69 Vintage. Kealan is wearing an outfit inspired by P.E.I. fishermen I think. What is this all about I ask. She just wants to be comfortable and warm, as she has been scouring the store basement for clothing for her Maro Wednesday night 69 Vintage fashion show. Kealan’s friend, also hanging out with us, has another take on the comfort look; it is just winter fashion blahs. Again, a whiff of fashion fatigue in the air…

Cheval After 'Photo' Party

Gail and I now need to hoof it to Cheval, 606 King St. for the after show party. Hosted by Boutique Le Trou, the theme is – The Photo Shoot Party – and features a live fashion photo shoot in the middle of the club. I speak with the shoot stylist Sarah Jay about her preparations for this spontaneous affair. It was a challenge, as Sarah had only a few hours to put the looks together, using clothes from the Obakki collection, and dress the models. As photographers take advantage of the set-up, DJ and fashion designer Jason Meyers spins on the decks to create a funky mis-mash of cameras, oversized handbags and style on the dance floor. This party rocks on till I have to call it a night at about 2 a.m. There was definitely a buzz going on here – who says Toronto isn’t excited about fashion week?!

Sonja Andic

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