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L'Oreal Fashion Week
Fall 2007 Collections

Kick Off Show

Jason Meyers

MONDAY, March 12

Philip Sparks Menswear
Hustle with Bustle Pantages Uniforms
Boutique Le Trou Photo Party @Cheval
Amie Scott Fashions

TUESDAY, March 13

Holt Renfrew Media Cocktail
Boutique Le Trou: A Retail Piece
Don't Tell My Booker Opening Night Party


Tevrow & Chase
Arthur Mendonca
Fashion Nation
Hanes Brands Inc.
Lucien Matis
Andy The-Anh
David Dixon
Zoran Dobric

THURSDAY, March 15

Andrew Majtenyi
Fashion Psychology
Pat McDonagh
Izzy Camilleri
Joeffer Caoc
Pink Tartan

Off the Beat 'n Path feat. Common Cloth, Namoda et al. @ Ukula

Fashion Rocks feat. Dollhouse, FutureState et al. @ Phoenix

FRIDAY, March 16

Thien Le
Kavi Kavi
Saniya Khan
Joe Fresh Style
Greta Constantine

SD+R Show and Afterparty

SATURDAY, March 17

Holt Renfrew Meet the Designers


Jason Meyers

While the rest of Toronto was impatiently fingering their Spring wardrobes, the fast and furious fashion industry was checking out the 2007 Fall/Winter collection from Jason Meyers, March 8, 2007. In the back of an alley in what’s left of our industrial district, a clean white studio provided the perfect backdrop for the cutting edge work we’ve come to expect from Meyers. Set in a monotone of blacks, greys and whites, with a shot of neon here and there, the work focused on the sensuality of the female silhouette.

Meyers is at his best when he brazenly flaunts his talent for cutting clean and finely tailored lines. Highlights include a stunning pencil skirt balanced by a sumptuous jacket with puffed shoulders, and beautiful satin evening gowns with typical Meyers detail created by luxuriously sculpted views of the bare back. Our design darling outdid himself with a tuxedo that exudes sensuality, with a silhouette that offeres homage to every female curve. Underneath the jacket Meyers offers quiet elegance in a bib of gossamer silk chiffon in layered ruffles – daring, but oh so refined! If you’d like to beat the stores to the trends - contrast white and black, go for short full circle skirts or tailored silhouettes and add a dash of the ‘60s.

Liza Zadwazka
photos Christina Pal

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