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L'Oreal Fashion Week
Fall 2007 Collections

Kick Off Show

Jason Meyers

MONDAY, March 12

Philip Sparks Menswear
Hustle with Bustle Pantages Uniforms
Boutique Le Trou Photo Party @Cheval
Amie Scott Fashions

TUESDAY, March 13

Holt Renfrew Media Cocktail
Boutique Le Trou: A Retail Piece
Don't Tell My Booker Opening Night Party


Tevrow & Chase
Arthur Mendonca
Fashion Nation
Hanes Brands Inc.
Lucien Matis
Andy The-Anh
David Dixon
Zoran Dobric

THURSDAY, March 15

Andrew Majtenyi
Fashion Psychology
Pat McDonagh
Izzy Camilleri
Joeffer Caoc
Pink Tartan

Off the Beat 'n Path feat. Common Cloth, Namoda et al. @ Ukula

Fashion Rocks feat. Dollhouse, FutureState et al. @ Phoenix

FRIDAY, March 16

Thien Le
Kavi Kavi
Saniya Khan
Joe Fresh Style
Greta Constantine

SD+R Show and Afterparty

SATURDAY, March 17

Holt Renfrew Meet the Designers


Dances With Penguins

Pat McDonagh celebrated forty years of high style in a room packed with adoring fans. The Fashion Design Council of Canada honoured the prestigious dame of fashion with a gold leaf necklace presented by none other than Robin Kay herself, while fashion icon Jeanne Becker approvingly looked on.

The 2007 Iceberg collection was sponsored by Iceberg Vodka, but the clothing itself was enough to put everyone in good spirits. McDonagh designed the collection as an act of cultural resistance to global warming. A portion of the sale of her garments will be donated to the World Wildlife Federation.

The show starts with an hommage to our endangered friends, the penguin. Pat sends models (with her signature hairstyle) dressed like penguins, down the runway in classic gowns and evening suits. The audience breaks into roaring applause for the belle of the ball – a black bodice paired with a full, white satin, floor-length skirt that is edged in a carousel of life-sized, realistic penguins printed onto the fabric!

The second, confusing part of the show features lavish fur and velvet - though useful in a hopefully chillier future, it does seem a bit at odds with the designer’s ecological vision.

The next segments of collection include iridescent metallics, winter white and organza dresses, multilayered with various iceberg blues that send shivers of desire throughout the crowd.

In honour of fashion week’s theme, “World Piece”, McDonagh should design military clothing. If silk satin penguin motifs were a part of every soldier’s uniform, the world would be a happier, safer and more peaceful place. For who can feel anything but love when looking at a penguin?

Liza Zadwazka + Rachel Schwab
photos Christina Pal

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