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hi, I'm Rachel (PR freelancer, ex-fashion school student and founder of I started the blog way back in 2005 (before there was barely anything about Toronto fashion online) and spent many really fun years documenting fashion and street fashion in Toronto!

I recently had my second baby boy and my days of fashion parties, designer shows and frivolous shopping are but a happy memory. I still work a little on the blog, do other freelance writing and PR when I can!

So, please don't feel offended if I haven't responded to your E-mail, party invite or store opening. I do pass invites along to other bloggers though and we try to cover what we can!

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Julian Roberts Subtraction Cutting Tour @ Ryerson June 14/15

May 26th, 2010 | posted by Rachel S | Posted in Upcoming Events


Julian Roberts, UK fashion designer, creative director and filmmaker, is the inventor of a garment pattern cutting method called ‘Subtraction Cutting’, a process where he teaches audiences how to construct creative clothing.

To the delight of creative Torontonians, he will be at Ryerson in a few weeks.

Tickets to this event can be purchased at or email

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