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hi, I'm Rachel (PR freelancer, ex-fashion school student and founder of I started the blog way back in 2005 (before there was barely anything about Toronto fashion online) and spent many really fun years documenting fashion and street fashion in Toronto!

I recently had my second baby boy and my days of fashion parties, designer shows and frivolous shopping are but a happy memory. I still work a little on the blog, do other freelance writing and PR when I can!

So, please don't feel offended if I haven't responded to your E-mail, party invite or store opening. I do pass invites along to other bloggers though and we try to cover what we can!

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TFBB: Thoughts on canuck fashion

February 25th, 2007 | posted by Rachel S | Posted in Features Profiles

We wrapped up another fashionably chatty Toronto Fashion Bloggers Brunch (TFBB) this morning at the Drake Hotel. A handful of die-hard readers and Canadian fashion advocates including: Danielle of Final Fashion, Anita of I want – I got and blogTO, Adrian of Fashion Verbatim, Carolyn of TFI , and special guest, Marlene of boutique le trou discussed Canadian issues over mimosas and lattes.

We’d love to hear what you have to say about Canadian Fashion and the local scene. What are your issues? How do you think Canada can make a more powerful impact in the fashion world? What are the barriers and what needs to change?

Blogging is easy: 1. Click on the ‘Comment’ below. 2. Be anonymous or leave a name. 3. Let us know what you think!

Danielle Meder is pictured here in her idea of ‘Canadian fashion’! Gotta love it!

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