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hi, I'm Rachel (PR freelancer, ex-fashion school student and founder of I started the blog way back in 2005 (before there was barely anything about Toronto fashion online) and spent many really fun years documenting fashion and street fashion in Toronto!

I recently had my second baby boy and my days of fashion parties, designer shows and frivolous shopping are but a happy memory. I still work a little on the blog, do other freelance writing and PR when I can!

So, please don't feel offended if I haven't responded to your E-mail, party invite or store opening. I do pass invites along to other bloggers though and we try to cover what we can!

Thanks for reading!


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More Toronto Fashion

October 10th, 2012 | posted by Rachel S | Posted in News

In the process of optimizing the site….please stay tuned….

So So So Much To Say, So Little Time

March 22nd, 2012 | posted by Rachel S | Posted in Features Profiles is taking a break.

To be honest, it takes a full-time team to run a successful fashion blog and especially to be able to write and blog about all the fabulous things that are happening in Toronto’s fashion scene – time I just don’t have :( At this time, I am proud to say however that this is the 1069th post – added on to years of pages upon pages of photos, articles and coverage that was published before the blog days.

There really is so much more to say though – so many great fashion and accessory designers to feature, fabulous boutiques and places to shop, artists, photographers, stylists and creative people making the city a more interesting place! Fortunately there are some really great blogs these days for your T.O. fashion fix (fashion magazine, chickadvisor, torontolife,).

If I had more time, these are some of the things I wanted to tell you about (from my TO DO folder):

This is the fabulously fashionable Beckerman family via  I love it! They all seem to have such fun with fashion and maintain such creative day to day lives! Check out the blog…

I recently met the sweetest Toronto-based, Brazilian born shoe designer Perla Porto (and Fernanda shown here) at her new Queen Street West shoe boutique! The shop is awaiting its fall/winter merchandise before officially opening, and will then carry Perla’s supple, Brazilian made shoes for women. The Girl from Ipanema shoes are exclusive and affordable – Perla only has very small runs made from start-up factories in Brazil (apparently this initiative has even helped to employ some of Brazil’s homeless people). Stay tuned T.O or shop online!

Do you know these girls? They’re the amazing Deadly Nightshades – designers, artists, renegade cyclists… Cat’s AKA Big Red’s Etsy shop is empty right now but she makes this cool laser cut jewellery and fox tails (all discards from the fashion fur industry). Also if you need ANY help with your fashion business – ANYTHING, contact the girls – they can help.

These are photos of a Denis Gagnon runway presentation. If I was a big star and had to walk a premiere or awards show runway, I would definitely wear a Denis Gagnon dress and be the hottest, most fashionable babe on the block!

One of the perks of publishing a fashion blog is all the great things you get to try (mind you, you work your butt off). I received a lovely package of three Soulstice Spa vegan nailpolishes from Nailpolish Canada recently! “Soulstice Spa nail polish is vegan, cruelty-free (verified by PETA) & free of the toxins dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde and toluene.”

I love this – an online nail polish superstore, in Canadian dollars and shipped within Canada so no duties! And they have all the greatest brands (OPI, Orly, Essie, etc…) at competitive prices. Support Canadian business!

These are photos from Haute Classics (946 Yonge Street). It’s consignment, gently used Chloe, Marni, Prada, Gucci… All designer handbags, shoes, clothing, accessories. If you don’t have $$$$ to drop on a new IT bag, how about $$?!

I love this – KRANE underwear for men.

Some DIY Couture ideas I was saving – A Sharpie clutch from PS I Made This and this season’s creative DIY – leopard print (or multi-color of any kind) nails.

Photos I haven’t posted from a Tropical Barbie party (it was a blast!)

Wow, I was really late with this one…it’s Fort Apparel Toronto gear, but apparently this one-man operation closed up shop last fall. With a marriage, new house, other work, blah, blah, designer Trevor Crane couldn’t keep up – I hear ya brother!

I wasn’t too excited over this season’s POLKA DOT trend until I saw these Stella McCartney dresses! Love! Mango has polka dots – dresses, scarves, blouses…

I always wanted to be a shoe designer! Fashion designer Philip Sparks got that lucky chance – he designs men’s shoes for Town Shoes – very stylish, dapper shoes for men!

See what I mean – I can truly go on forever, but unfortunately don’t have all that time!

So I’ll just stop here with wishes for a wonderful holiday for everyone! Thanks for reading,


Dixon, Ezra, Pink Tartan, Rudsak and a New Group of Seven at the McMichael

March 19th, 2012 | posted by Liza Zawadzka | Posted in Toronto Fashion Week

The A-list of both the art and fashion worlds get smoochy as the Group of Seven fundraiser at the McMichael gallery is announced for June 16. Stars like Thien Le, Dixon, Matis and Comrags are among the seven designers kicking off the Art Exposed fashion exhibit, as the McMichael continues to be steered to all things hip and fabulous by chief curator Katerina Atanassova.

Photo by Steve Alkok

Photo by Steve Alkok

The glass walls of the studio are appreciated by passersby who gawk at the nearly naked models parading in sprayed on denim at the Triarchy show.  Rudsak dresses Venus in furs with buttersoft leather smothered in ultra luxe fox and sheared beaver bondage mittens. It’s standing (but not breathing) room only in the studio for Ezra Constantine. This is what Blackwater mercenaries (I mean security) would wear if they had a little style – intensely masculine, but styled with bobblebulk knits and a dash of washed sequins. The tailoring is so sharp in this show, it could put an eye out.

Photo by Steve Alkok

After begging for scraps from the closed Manchu Wok, (the only food in sight), I crawl through the crowds waiting for the Pink Tartan show. I’m convinced that negotiating a PT event is part of British special forces training, but I arrive alive. The audience is drenched in the fuschia and cobalt of the PT fall 2012 collection, and we’re treated to flirty houndstooth and hunter ruby red set off with slick and sexy black patent leather and brushed Mongolian lamb.

Photo by Steve Alkok

Photo by Steve Alkok

David Dixon’s superior vision begins with clips from Hitchcock’s horror The Birds.   Grace Kelly is avenged with dagger pheasant brooches and rings grounded with sliced geodes. Black lace slips onto viridian green and cloud white, and sequined blues and greens shimmer like a gilded phoenix.   Extravagant elegance at it’s best and the perfect close to a great day at Camp Fashion!

Toronto Fashion Week

March 19th, 2012 | posted by Liza Zawadzka | Posted in Toronto Fashion Week

On the second day of fashion week, the crowds are buzzing about the gorgeous weather and Lucian Matis‘ couture collection at the Royal York. The Arab Spring has swept its way into the fashion world, democratizing access to great designers as geniuses like Matis go from couture to pret-a-porter over night. Ready to wear shifts are drenched in inky ocelot and green feathered Quetzal patterns, and the famous Matis ribbon dress is revisioned in a prismatic print. His crocodile Kelly bag gets a biker twist with foot long leather fringe and fills me with pure lust. For a full tour of the Matis collections – check out

Lundstrom pays homage to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Bouffant bobs are kept in place with crystal hairbands, and prim leather gloves with 3/4 length sleeves are almost festishized as Jackie plays Madonna to Marilyn’s whore. Chloe Comme Parrish evolve in an accomplished collection subtly referencing the dungeons of the Spanish Inquisition, with ball bearing studs and metal gauntlets.

At times the audience was just as interesting as the clothes on the runway! Looking forward to Dixon on Thursday! Happy Fashion Week!

Faces Behind the Names: FASHION’s Scene

November 26th, 2011 | posted by Rachel S | Posted in T.O Designers


The Globe and Mail‘s Tiyana Grulovic and Robert Weir

Designer Jules Power and Suzanne Boyd

Amy Burstyn-Fritz of Knot Pr

Glenna Weddle and Faith Orfus of Yorkville’s hip RAC Boutique – No wonder these gals look so good!